Images from Whitefish Bay's Past Images from Whitefish Bay's Past Pabst Whitefish Bay Resort Milwaukee 'Wheelmen', an early bicycle club, can be seen outside of the Pabst Whitefish Bay Resort. It is believed this picture was taken in the very early 1900s. 187053545 Snow Storm Buries the Dummy Line Whitefish Bay residents can be seen digging out the 'dummy line' - the Whitefish Bay railroad, after a huge snow storm. 187054527 The August Bauch Farmhouse This early residence was a farmhouse. It is now located on Idlewild Avenue - having been reorientated after the streets were added to the Village. The photograph was taken in 1909. 187054528 Earliest Survivng Home in Whitefish Bay This house on East Silver Spring Drive, located just east of Marlborough, is the earliest surviving home in the Village. It belonged to William Consaul and his family - early farmers. 187054529 Welcoming Park Welcoming Park greeted visitors to Whitefish Bay who took the railroad to visit the areas resorts. 187054530 The Whitefish Bay Railroad - the 'Dummy' Line The Whitefish Bay Railroad was referred to as the 'dummy line' because the locomotive car was made to look like a trolley car. 187054531